Race to the RED CARPET


It’s a flat out sprint to the August 18th premiere.  Final special effects and compositing, color correction, and ominous freeway signs rusting away in enigmatic sci-fi bliss…

I say “sprint.”  More like a painful slog to the peak of mountain, with all kinds of mudslides to dodge and scramble over.  Somewhat like the 95ers character J. T. Kennings, who figuratively duels with history’s great minds, I find myself in mortal combat with the formidable foes enemies known to special effects people as “Roto” and “Render.”  No matter how feverishly I thrust and parry, I can only stare as the invincible render bars make their interminable 32-bit maneuvers.  Sometimes I try and catch a wink of sleep.  But the render bar is my neighbors’ best friend, since during one rare daytime render, I ran out and mowed my neglected eyesore of lawn.

This will probably be one of my last posts before the premiere.  Everything is looking and sounding great.  A mountain work is still to be done.  Fortunately, we have a timespace-crunching particle acclerator at our disposal.  Thanks to so many people, this microbudget sci-fi indie is turning out to be quite an awesome little flick!!

There are a few quantum paradoxes that have not quite fit into our accelerator, such as the creation of the musical score as it was originally intended.  My brother James and I laid the foundation of the amazing 95ers universe together.  By design, this particular movie is the tip of the tip of the iceberg of what 95ers has to offer.  We’ve both invested a lot to get this far, and many times James has prevented me from throwing the footage off a cliff when I was facing some new seemingly insurmountable challenge.  And now he’s lending his prodigious audio skills to the project, mixing and sound designing the movie.  To many, James and I may seem like aliens from another planet.  But we actually do have only one head each… And there is a ludicrous number of hats to be worn on a project like this, and only so much time.  James and I have decided that it would best if we found a different composer to do the musical score.

I know this comes as a disappointment to many of you, and the kickstarter folks will be receiving an alternate reward TBA instead of James’ album.  We’ll have great music for the movie at the premiere, but it will most likely be temporary, until a new composer can be settled on.  Thanks everyone for rolling with us on the crazy trip through this adventure.

Also in the news, stay tuned for the mega awesome new trailer to be released shortly after the premiere…